Sep 6, 2011

Trendy Tuesday - Chalkboards!

I am LOVING this trend -- CHALKBOARDS. No, not the gross, green kinds you might remember from grade school. I'm talking lucious, fancy black chalkboards filled with fancy fonts and ideas!

One great thing about this is that pretty much ANYONE could do any of these. Just check out your paint department of a local hardware store and stock up on some chalk paint! Easy peasy!

Check out some of my favorites!

1. ___ Days Until ____ 2. Chalkboard Menu (totally going to make myself one of these!) 3. Wine Bottle Labels 4. Wall Art 5. Invitation  6. Playroom 7. Photo Backdrops 8. Map 9. Nursery Decor


Joii C. said...

I'm jealous. I want several of theses!

Kati said...

I agree - it would definitely be an easy DIY project! I need to do one myself!