Aug 3, 2011

The Next Nancy Drew

The older I get, the worse my experiences with bugs gets. Last year, when I started my job, I had a roach crawl across my bare toe. **Shudder** It still gives me the ibbie-jibbies. And then, a few weeks ago, a beetle got stuck in my shirt between my skin and my bra. Imagining me freaking out? You should be. That's kind of what happened...on the side of the road...while teenagers were driving through the fated parking lot where I sought my refuge. And yes, I was practically ripping my clothes off to avoid contact with said beetle. But that's another story.

TODAY, I was welcomed at work by a gigantic spinely spider. Yes, I am making up words like spinely. Just say it. Doesn't it describe this spinely spider pretty accurately?

I included my finger for reference of the size of the beast.

I decided I would leave it alone for awhile and let my coworker, "work-Jon" (whose name allows him to not get confused with "boyfriend-John." Because for awhile there the rest of the team wondered why I was going to dinner with Jo{h}n. I guess it wasn't obvious. ANYWAY>>>>) So I left it there to sit and reflect upon its life and its impending doom.

But then. Then, it made the wrong move. And by that I mean it MOVED. Being alone at the office, I had to kill it so I squeeled manned up and hit the sucker with some posterboard. BAM!

After later reflecting on the spinely spider and laughing at its enormous size and my intense bravery, the subject reappeared in my day. As I was working, my boss came in holding a paper towel. And then an intern came in, holding her camera. I knew something was up...This is what unfolded:

In case you couldn't figure out what was going on on-screen, here's the low-down: Mark came into the room intending to freak me out by throwing the "spider" on me. I caught on (cause I'm smart like that) and told him that he better not! THEN I realized he had a paper towel - I had wadded up Mr. Spidey in a tissue paper so I declared that and Mark's quest was ruined.

I'm the next freaking Nancy Drew.

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