Aug 14, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

We went to the dog park this weekend.

...Ella was so excited to be getting in the car, excited to be going anywhere as long as it was with us. She stuck her head out the window and you could just feel the joy seeping off of her as we drove to our destination.

She hasn't quite caught on that going to the "dog park" is just for her. A special treat where John and I can enjoy seeing her play and romp with the other dogs, and where she can run as fast as those little legs will carry her. 

**John enjoyed a special moment with Ella's new friend. 

The dog park is like a magical oasis, a world separate from that which we live in. Dogs are allowed to roam free and to play with whoever they want. The people are the ones who get to sit back for once and watch them have all the fun.  

Inside the trees lies a great place to meet new friends - other dog mamas and papas who share advice and stories about their dogs with the same amount of interest and enthusiasm that John and I have for our own pup. Because after all is said and done, these are our family members. Our babies

And really....what could be better than that?

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