Jul 14, 2011

Three Basils in a Pod

I've never really been a plant person. Don't get me wrong, I love plants. Flowers especially (hint hint, John :) Kidding... ). But I've never really been a gardener. Although in third grade I did succeed in planting an oak nut seed which ended up growing into an actual tree. But besides that, I've kept my potential green thumb in my pocket. 

That is, until a few weeks ago, when my friend Ashlyn and I decided to go buy some plants. Our porches at the apartments were starting to look a little b a r e. 

I picked out some sweet basil plants and quickly began envisioning a summer filled with my momma's famous pesto recipe. And for about $30 I was able to get three plants, a pot, and some soil. Perfecto!

I've enjoyed having the plants on my balcony - every day I see them there, green and perfect, reaching up towards the sun they crave. But that's the problem. They crave it. They need it. And I don't think they're getting enough of it. Insert sad face. 

Kinda wilt-y.

It's not that they aren't growing - they are! But they aren't doing as well as expected. My bestie told me basil is hard to kill, and although it's not dead yet, my hopes for it are fleeting. 

It does get sunshine. Probably about 6ish hours a day, which seemed adequate when I was purchasing my three peas basils in a pod. I guess only time will tell how well they will do. 

Don't you like the spider web in this picture? So cool!

And on a completely random topic, this makes me think about other things I need to keep alive. Or shall I say other THING (singular). EB. Her health is a constant worry to me. Not that's she's unhealthy - she is healthy as a flea (but without the flea)! 

But just having her, and worrying about her, kind of freaks me out. If she vomits, you can guarantee I'm online trying to figure out if she's dying. And if she's tired? She must be dying. I am absolutely terrified that I am going to accidentally kill my puppy. 

Which is exactly why I'm never having children. 

At least, not for a really really really long time. 

Happy Thursday!

**Note to anyone who is now overly concerned for my pup - she's totally fine. Very healthy, eats a ton every day and has fresh water. One person worrying about her is probably already more than enough hah! 

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