Jun 30, 2011

This Weekend

I am getting super pumped for the fourth of July weekend. It's probably my second favorite holiday (first is Christmas). The past three years, I have spent the weekend on Lake Hamilton with John and his family, and it is always a BLAST (pun intended)

Anyway, I've been getting even more excited when I see Independence day colors on stuff, so I thought I'd share some of my recent favs.

Ask anyone at work and they'll tell you I have an unhealthy obsession with chocolate covered pretzels. There's just something about the sweet with the salty that really gets me going in the morning in the afternoon all day. And if I am having one of my cravings, you can bet that I will stop at nothing to get my hands on some Flipz.

These are a little more festive. Maybe I'll make John help me make some :)

Nom, nom, nom
Oh Martha, how I love thee

These are just super adorable and make me SO hungry! I actually do think we'll be munching on some fruit - my momma is going to bring some up and I'm going to make some fruit dip. MMMMMMMM!

I feel like these would look good with some blackberries too!
Can't forget some super cute red, white, n' blue outfits! Unfortunately I cannot go out and buy myself something like this, but if I had the money (and time and desire) I'd want to wear this for the fireworks show:

Source unknown :( - oh, and yeah right I could never pull this off. My bestie Natalie could, but not me.

If I had cutie pie babies I'm make them wear some festive stuff too!
Good thing I'm not planning on having any babies anytime soon! SERIOUSLY. NEVER. (Okay, maybe just not for 5 or 6 (or 7 or 8) more years. Babysitting is the best birth control.

But seriously, enjoy your fourth food. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy the long weekend and, most importantly, ENJOY THE DANG FIREWORKS!

For the dream - BOOM POW, as Emily would say :)

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Anonymous said...

I would definitely try to pull off that PRESH blue and white dress! Btw those treats bring back fond memories of high-school-age you and me dipping pretzels in simmering dark chocolate mmmmmhhmm!!